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Petition to US Congress – ASKING THE US TO Enforce immediate withdrawal of Eritrea from Tigray

Credible reports are emerging from sources in Eritrea and Ethiopia that the Eritrean and Ethiopian governments have finalized the planning of another huge military operation with more than half million troops to carry out earth scourged military offensive on top of the ongoing war crimes and genocide by a starvation under the cover of darkness by cutting communications and the internet. Another most disturbing report is that the Eritrean General Abraha Kassa, the director of National Security for Eritrea, was in Addis Ababa on 01/27/2021, where new Eritrean policy has been discussed to force all educated and “elite” Tigrayans to flee Ethiopia or ‘be quashed’ in order to remove them from any future leadership positions in Ethiopia and the closure of Axum and Adigrat Universities in Tigray while Mekelle University remains open.

To this effect, on behalf of the people of Tigray, SJTE is urging you to denounce the genocide being perpetrated in Tigray at alarming speed and dimension by the joint military forces of two dictators, the PM of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed Ali and the Eritrean President, Isayas Afwerki.