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Open Letter to the Government of Canada: Executive and Legislative, re Tragedy in Tigray-Ethiopia

As Canadian Citizens, we take exception for the weak stand of our Government and their silence and lack of deserved compassion for the people of Tigray and not condemning the Ethiopian atrocities in Tigray that have been classified by many organizations and countries as possible ethnic cleansing.

Ethiopia is one of the largest recipients of Canadian aid ($198 million in 2017-2018). In addition, there is a volume of trade of $170 million between the two countries (2018). We expected this to be used as leverage to curb the excesses of Addis Ababa and the packs of lies of Abiy Ahmed. We suggest that this lavish bilateral aid must stop now. Aid must be limited only to multilateral humanitarian aid, rather than just bilateral. The Canadian government should emulate the tougher footsteps of the EU and the USA in dealing firmly with the regime in Addis Ababa. Canada needs to apply sanctions against members of the Ethiopian regime and their criminal associates and militias, and add necessary measures