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Thursday, March 19, 2021

1. #Ethiopia|n general admitting the war in #Tigray is a ‘dirty war’ & now suggesting the way out is negotiation. Gen.
Yohannes is among the army commanders who is involved in the #TigrayGenocide. @POTUS @SecBlinken @UKUN_NewYork @USAmbUN


2. The depth of civilian suffering in #Tigray is very apparent to humanitarian workers. Many has been executed, hundreds of
thousands are left homeless, women are raped. For many Ethiopians the situation is ok, but for #Tigray|ans #Ethiopia is
living hell.


3. Forces from the #Amhara region took control of several areas in #Tigray after backing federal troops that staged an
incursion into its neighbor’s territory, said spokesman for the #Amhara gov’t.


4. 👉🏼 Action by the international community to end the conflict id long overdue ” 👉🏼 “The silence is deafening & it
provides cover for genocide.“ @Sally_Keeble argues the IC to Act #AusGovActNow #BidenActNow #UNSCActNow @UN
@EU_Commission #TigrayGenocide


5. @UNHumanRights ‘s acceptance of join investigation is like declaring a second death to #Tigray|an justice seekers. The
#EHRC failed #Tigray multiple times, and it has revealed its impartiality when it comes to crimes on #Tigray. @mbachelet
has to reconsider this decision. @UN


6. Considering the idea of joint investigation between the @UNHumanRights & @_AfricanUnion is like playing with innocent
blood of #Tigray|ans. #Tigray seeks justice, and the #AU + @AUC_MoussaFaki failed #Africa on multiple occasions & to the
contrary he’s advocated #TigrayGenocide.
7. The institution that is supposed to stand with victims, #EHRC, is led by an extremist with deeper hate on #Tigray .it’s
kept silent when mass killings & raping occurred. It even denied crimes by feds & #Eritrea|n troops. Joint investigation
with this body? Nope!


8. “Sometimes, I go out to beg. If they don’t give me anything, we sometimes sleep without having eaten. It is difficult to
be dependent. It makes me empty inside. Before, the children had regular meals.” @Pontifex @AFP #TigrayGenocide


9. “Severely hungry children and pregnant women are among 37,000 displaced people that have arrived into Shiraro [town],
northwestern Tigray, over the last few weeks,” the NRC said in a [email protected]_Egeland @LaetitiaBader @SecBlinken @UN


10. “Nobel peace prize of Ethiopian Prime Minister questioned amid conflict in Tigray Province of country.” @Channel4News
@UN @POTUS @SecBlinken @EU_Commission @UKParliament @USAmbUN @UKUN_NewYork @irishmissionun @franceonu


11. “People have told us that they fled sexual violence, killings and widespread violence in Tigray, only to arrive in
Sheraro and find a desperately helpless situation.” @NRC_Egeland
@USAmbUN @SecBlinken @JanezLenarcic @LaetitiaBader @UN


12. The Magnitude of pain inflicted upon the Tigray people, specifically women, young girls, & youth men aims to damage the
social fabric of communities. Rape is used as a means of a weapon, violate the dignity & body of a woman. @hrw @UN #TigrayGenocide


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

1. “The attacks on #Tigray’s health facilities are having a devastating impact on people,” says @MSF director.
Depriving medical service is a less conspicuous way of decimating a population.


2. A government(#Ethiopia|n) that boldly claims “not a single civilian died” after massacring thousands doesn’t have a
moral authority to complain about “overblowing” or “exaggeration”.


3. In December, @AUC_MoussaFaki said #Ethiopia’s military campaign in #Tigray was “legitimate for all states.” #AU’s one
blind support of the war on #Tigray gave @AbiyAhmedAli the time and diplomatic coverage to wreak havoc on #Tigray.#TigrayGenocide


4. “At least 4.5 million people urgently need food aid, but the @UN complains that humanitarian access has been severely
restricted. It estimates 521,200 have been displaced by the fighting & 61,011 have sought safety in E. Sudan.”
#TigrayGenocide #keepiton


5. The #Ethiopia|n gov’t has zero moral to reject @SecBlinken ‘s claims on the ethnic cleansing in #Tigray. Denial is the
last stage of genocide as #AbiyAhmed and #Isayas are doing in their #TigrayGenocide mission. #UNSC has to step up its
game. @UN


6. Best explained by #mailguardian about the mafia group in the @_AfricanUnion .
Exclusive: A ‘mafia-style’ cartel is running the African Union, claim staff


7. According to #UN, 2.3 million Tigrayans are in immediate need of life-saving assistance. Yet, the Ethiopian gov’t is
restricting access to the people in need. The intern’l comm. should act before it is too late. #TigrayGenocide
@SecBlinken @POTUS @antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF


8. The federal gov’t refusing for independent investigation of the war crimes in #Tigray . #AbiyAhmed & his constituents
are giving deaf ear to the world to hide their unspoken atrocities.
We urge the @StateDept , @EU_Commission & @UKParliament to push their efforts intensively.


9. It has been four months since the #TigrayGenocide started. It’s still ongoing. The international community doesn’t seem
to take lessons from the 1994 #RwandaGenocide.
Stop #TigrayGenocide
@antonioguterres @JosepBorrellF @SecBlinken @POTUS @VP


10. “The attacks on Tigray’s health facilities are having a devastating impact on the population”
@MSF @oliver_behn


11. “The health system needs to be restored as soon as possible,” @MSF @oliver_behn
“Health facilities need to be rehabilitated & receive more supplies, ambulances, & staff need to receive salaries & the
opportunity to work in a safe env’t.” #TigrayCantWait


12. According to #MSF, in Abiy Addi, a town in central #Tigray, the hospital was occupied in early March by #Ethiopia|n
forces to treat their wounded, while in Mugulat to the east, “#Eritrea|n soldiers” used a local clinic as a base.
13. @AbiyAhmedAli started the war as “a 3-day law enforcement operation”. Four months on, thousands have died with millions
still starving. His incompetence and cruelty should be matched by #UN’s resolve to exercise #R2P.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

1. “They(#Tigray|ans) are coming in very bad conditions … very exhausted, dehydrated, skinny,” Behn said after a visit.
“It’s becoming a desperate situation very quickly.”

2. “Skinny, hungry, fleeing threats of violence, thousands of people who have been hiding in rural areas of #Tigray region
have begun arriving in a community that can barely support them and more are said to be on the way.”
@WFPChief @USAID #EthnicCleansing

3. “The U.N. said last week that Eritrean troops were operating throughout Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region and reports
suggested they were responsible for atrocities.”
@SecBlinken @UN @hrw @SophieHRW
#EritreaOutOfTigray #TigrayGenocide

4. Young men all over #Tigray have been massacred by the invading forces roaming the region. Able bodied men are left with
two bad choices: 1. Hide and starve to death, 2. Get shot while searching for food/water.

5. @AbiyAhmedAli won @NobelPrize at the backing of the ultra #Ethiopia|nists who hardly tolerate diversity. They are now
shouting to jam the voice of #Tigray people who are facing ethnic cleansing by #Amhara, #Eritrea, #PP forces.

6. “You should have finished off the survivors!” a solider filming an injured person
@SenatorRisch @RepBera @RepSaraJacobs @DarrellIssa @RepGregoryMeeks @RepCicilline @GerryConnolly please save lives
#TigrayGenocide #R2PTigray

7. Every step of #AbiyAhmed & #Isayas has to be clear to everyone who provide aid to #Ethiopia. These fascists are using
hunger & rape as a weapon in the #TigrayGenocide . Every possible sanctions has to be imposed on them. @POTUS
@SecBlinken @UKUN_NewYork

8. The people of #Tigray is asking 1) unhindered humanitarian access 2) withdrawal of foreign troops & 3) independent
investigation to all atrocities. The @EU_Commission & @StateDept has to push the #Ethiopian gov’t in every leverage
@SecBlinken @SenBooker @StateDeptSpox

9. “Fighting in the #Tigray region over the past four months has driven innocent citizens to the brink. Food stocks are
depleted. Acute malnutrition is rising”.

10. It is only few weeks the #AxumMassacre was reported. But there’re witnesses of continuing mass killing and other
atrocities in #Tigray . The #UNSC has to provide protection in order to stop #TigrayGenocide .
@USAmbUN @irishmissionun @UKUN_NewYork @franceonu

11. Clear Ethnic and cultural genocide is happening in #Tigray. Help us stop #TigrayGenocide
@BenCardinforMD @ChrisCoonsCMUNC @timkaine @ChrisVanHollen @SenatorRisch @RonWyden @MarkWarner @RepKarenBass @YoungKimCA

12. @StateDept called for:
👉🏼int’l & credible investigation into reported human right violations & abuse
👉🏼 permanent & comprehensive ceasefire
👉🏼all side efforts to resolve the humanitarian crisis
👉🏼end atrocities, & restore peace in Ethiopia

13. “Chocking #Tigray” is an idea floated by @AbiyAhmedAli in his #Ethiopia|n new year interview as a way of “draining the
water to catch the fish(TPLF)”. The #GenocideByAttrion transpiring in #Tigray is the result of this.

Friday, March 12, 2021

1. “Fighting in the Tigray region over the past four months has driven innocent citizens to the brink. Food stocks are
depleted. Acute malnutrition is rising,” @USAmbUN @UNOCHA @UNGeneva @EU_Commission @UKUN_NewYork @irishmissionun


2. The statement recently released by @AUC_MoussaFaki of his meeting with @DemekeHasen is a clear support of the
@_AfricanUnion to rape, starvation, massacres, & #TigrayGenocide. Such people in the institution has to be held


3. The @EU_Commission has to intensify its sanctions to the #Ethiopia|n gov’t. #AbiyAhmed and #Isayas of #Eritrea are still
dedicating their time for ethnic cleansing on the people of #Tigray. We know #EU stands for human rights, & we expect
nothing less.


4. @SecBlinken : “We need to get an independent investigation into what took place there, and we need some kind of process,
a reconciliation process so that the country can move forward,” #StopWarOnTigray Stop #TigrayGenocide


5. Nothing is devastating to see kids, men, and women in #Tigray starving to death in 21st century when we do have every
resources & logistics just because the gov’t of #Ethiopia can not allow it. #AbiyAhmed & #Isayas should be chocked by
every sanctions.


6. With the increasing call for their withdrawal from #Tigray, the #Eritrea and #Amhara forces are working overtime in
vandalizing property and massacring civilians. Their withdrawal must be hastened and verified.


7. @SecBlinken’s statement “forces from #Eritrea and #Amhara must leave and be replaced by a force that will not abuse the
human rights of the people of #Tigray…” is a good start. It must be enforced by #US/#EU/#UN!


8. U.S. Secretary of State @ABlinken said that #Eritrea|n forces in #Ethiopia’s northern #Tigray region must withdraw,
saying the situation is unacceptable and must change. #Eritrea won’t leave unless it is forced!


9. “We have, as you know, forces from Eritrea over there, and we have forces from an adjoining region, Amhara, that are
there. They need to come out.” @SecBlinken
@UN #EthnicCleansing is happening in #Tigray. #UNSCActNow @POTUS @VP @USAmbUN #TigrayGenocide
10. We’ve enough reports of War Crimes, & Crimes Against Humanity happening in #Tigray. There is an act of #EthnicCleansing
in western #Tigray. @UN-led investigation is needed but not an empty-shell, lame and useless continental institution
like the AU #UNSCActNow @POTUS @SecBlinken

Thursday, March 11, 2021

1. #Ethiopian gov’t has been lying about the presence of Eritrean troops (still in denial), civilians deaths (claimed there
was none), & the state of the war (claimed it was over despite continued fighting) #TigrayGenocide @antonioguterres @UN


2. The #Ethiopia|n government has resorted to medieval strategy in the #Tigray war. Civilians are being massacred on a
whim. #UN must exercise its #R2P to protect civilians in #Tigray. #UNSC @KenyaMissionUN @EU_Commission @SenateForeign


3. “When you think about your future, you never plan to be uprooted from the comfort of your home & find fragile safety in
a tent,” said 24-year-old Hiwot, in #Ethiopia’s #Tigray Region. #UNSC should empathize with women in #Tigray.
#TigrayGenocide @USAmbUN


4. “…Reports indicate that widespread violations and abuses of international humanitarian and human rights law have been
perpetrated, including crimes that may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.” #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow


5. The Tigray people urge @antonioguterres & #UNSC to enforce: – access to all aid groups for the distribution of their aid
– The immediate cessation of hostilities by the federal & external forces – independent investigation of war crimes
committed in #TigrayGenocide @UN @USAmbUN


6. #EritreanTroops, #AmharaMilitias & #ENDF used inhuman tactics such as complete deprivation of access to water, food,
medical supplies & other crime against humanity to collectively punish #Tigray|ans. @UN #UNSCActNow #TigrayGenocide
@USAmbUN @EstoniaUN


7. “Diabetic patients have not had insulin for three months, which is very dangerous.” MSF medical team leader in #Tigray.
#TigrayGenocide #TigrayCantWait #UNSCActNow @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @UN @EstoniaUN


8. #UK believes that “the allegations about human rights violations in the @amnesty report are credible”: confirmed in
@UKHouseofLords by Minister of State @tariqahmadbt in reply to @DavidAltonHL question. @FCDOGovUK @MFATNZ
#TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow


9. It is a grave mistake to frame the #Ethiopia|n conflict narrowly as a humanitarian and human rights problem. It is a
regional crisis that threatens U.S. security interests. The ongoing #TigrayGenocide has repercussions beyond #Tigray.
#UNSC @HouseIntel
10. Does winning a Noble Peace Prize give @AbiyAhmedAli a free license to commit heinous crimes in #Tigray? How many more
gang rapes, mass murders, looting and vandalization of civilian infrastructures & properties should take place before
#UNSC acts? #TigrayGenocide #UNSCActNow

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

1. “I don’t feel safe in Tigray anymore. Even the sight of the military uniform frightens me very much,” a survivor, told
AFP during a tearful interview at the safe house where she is now recovering. #TigrayGenocide @KenyaMissionUN
@TnpPresidency #MeToo