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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

1. Thank you! @DailySabah has echoed our recent plight of the ppl of #Tigray with a WorldProtest! Yes, ppl of #Tigray are blockaded by #Ethiopia 2starve 2death. Please tell ⁦@MFATurkey @trpresidency 2be part of the executive order by ⁦@POTUS #TigrayFamine
2. It’s time for action if the belligerence of the #Ethiopia #Eritrea governments is to stop now! Thank you Rep Carbajal for your statement to support @POTUS on his call to achieve negotiated peace & to stop #TigrayFamine #TigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide

Saturday, April 24, 2021

1. The greatest music industry artists came together in 1985 to bring awareness to a harrowing famine that was taking place in Tigray, Ethiopia. This very same region is being systematically starved by the government again. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


2. 36 years ago today, @springsteen and @bobdylan were at A&M Studios for @USAForAfrica bringing awareness and relief for a famine in Ethiopia. Tigray, Ethiopia needs new artists to band together to bring awareness to the one occurring now. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


3. The same region of Tigray, Ethiopia is being starved 36 years after we have proclaimed never again to famine. #WeAreTheWorld yet again to feed the hungry and those in plight in Tigray, Ethiopia. @DianaRoss @WillieNelson @billyjoel @LoveTinaTurner #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


4. @AMAs awarded the special award of appreciation in 1986 to @Harrybelafonate for mobilizing artists to save millions of African Lives. We ask again to bring awareness to Tigray, Ethiopia who is being systematically starved. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


5. We are the world was played simultaneously on 6000 radio stations and the world responded. The same region of TigrayEthiopia is calling out to the world to save its people from man-man famine now. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


6. The solidarity the world had shown for #WeAreTheWorld brought needed awareness and humanitarian relief for a famine-stricken Ethiopia in 1985. We look to the world once again to help us raise awareness of a man-made famine in Tigray, Ethiopia now. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


7. We produce enough to feed 10 billion humans, yet the people of Tigray are once again starving in 2021. Famines today are completely political, and we ask you @LionelRichie to once again use your fame to shine a spotlight on our starving families. Please help us! #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


8. It’s 2021 and the people of Tigray are once again needlessly dying of hunger. 36 years ago @harrybelafonte brought artists together to help their fellow men, women, and children. Please help us again! #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


9. In 2021, 36 years after WATW, there is more than enough food to go around, yet people are dying of hunger as we tweet. This is a feature, not a bug, of Abiy Ahmed’s approach to Tigray! Stop the collective punishment of the people of Tigray!#TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


10. Some of us get to live in great excess while others get indigestion from eating leaves and grass. The people of Tigray need help NOW. Children are dying NOW. @bobdylan and @springsteen please, heed our call, lend a hand and send us your hearts. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


11. 36 years ago, we made a choice to save our children. Today children are once again in need of being saved. The governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea are playing with children’s lives, diverting and denying them the aid they need for military and political aims. @QuincyDJones please lend us your voice once again 🙏🏾. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


12. No one chooses where they are born or what ethnicity they are. Yet Tigray’s children are once again, 36 years later, being punished for the grievances and political aims of others. They are starving and they need our help. Please help us put the spotlight on Tigray @StevieWonder. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


13. No food, no healthcare, no supplies. The people of Tigray are being collectively punished by those who wish to ‘put them in their place’. We call on the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea to end their 21st century Holodomor on Tigray! Please share this to spread awareness! #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


14. 36 years later, are we still the World? Please pay attention to what is happening in Tigray. Equivalent to the Kingdom of Denmark in size and population, its people are systematically starved, brutalized and humiliated. @U2, please lend your voice in support of our families. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


15. @USAforAfrica, we call on you once again to stop the needless suffering of starving mothers and emaciated children in Ethiopia. 36 years after we proclaimed #WeAreTheWorld, the people of Tigray, Ethiopia are being starved deliberately. #TigrayGenocide


Friday, April 23, 2021

1. In 1985 the world saw as the greatest artists gathered together to call attention to the man-made famine inflicted on Ethiopians by then prime minister Mengistu. 36 years after that, Tigray, in Northern Ethiopia is made to starve again. #WeAreTheWorld36 #TigrayGenocide


2. @Lionel Ritchie and @Michael Jackson recruited fellow musicians to record a song in an attempt to provide aid relief to the victims of the Ethiopian famine in 1985. You can use your voice once again to stop the impending famine in Tigray, Ethiopia. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


3. 36 years ago, media attention and the ensuing public outcry helped ease the suffering of famine victims in Ethiopia. At the present moment, millions are on the brink of weaponized starvation in Tigray Ethiopia #WeAreTheWorld, we need your voices once again.


4. We all remember the harrowing images of starving children from Ethiopia captured by journalist @Michael Buerk. We call on journalists, artists and other professionals to lift the veil of weaponized starvation occurring in Tigray. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


5. In 1985, images of starving and diseased children captured the notice of musician, Bob Geldof. In 2021, we look to you to notice and give attention to the weaponized famine happening in Tigray, Ethiopia.


6. 4.5 million Tigrayans are being systematically starved to death by the Ethiopian government yet again. #WeAreTheWorld brought needed attention and aid to Ethiopia then and can do the same now. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


7. Africa shouldn’t remain in the periphery. At this very moment, @UN estimates that “at least 4.5 million people in Tigray need humanitarian aid.” Ask for aid corridors to open, and cessation of hostilities. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


8. The 1980’s famine in Ethiopia was man-made and to the dismay of many, weaponized starvation is happening yet again. History shouldn’t repeat itself. We can stop a catastrophe of grotesque proportions by acting now. #WeAreTheWorld36


9. The @UN reported that 91% of Tigray is in urgent need of food assistance. More than 80% of Tigray still remains blocked from aid. Food is used as a weapon. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


10. Almost 40 years ago, approximately 6.5 million people held hands in a human chain to bring attention to a famine in Ethiopia. Today, the region is facing a similar catastrophe through weaponized starvation. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


11. The Ethiopian government seeks to return Tigray to destitution and poverty through the weaponized use of hunger. We are asking the world once more to help Tigray, Ethiopia, and avert a similar calamity to the 1985 famine. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


12. Tigray, Ethiopia has lost 1.5 million people in a famine in 1985 which alarmed the world. History is repeating itself in 2020 under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Act before many more die of starvation #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


13. Satellite images show systematic and deliberate destruction of crops, markets, and harvest in Tigray Ethiopia. Ethiopian gov’t is wielding hunger as a weapon like it did in 1985. Act now #WeAreTheWorld.#TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


14. @LionelRichie you brought more than 40 artists to fight famine and make history as the biggest charity event. The same region that you helped through your voice is being starved systematically yet again. We need your voice once more #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


15. @QuincyDJones you brought together more than 40 artists to bring awareness to the calamitous famine that gripped Tigray, Ethiopia. 36 years now, the same region is being systematically and deliberately starved. #TigrayGenocide #WeAreTheWorld36


Thursday, March 19, 2021

1. #Ethiopia|n general admitting the war in #Tigray is a ‘dirty war’ & now suggesting the way out is negotiation. Gen. Yohannes is among the army commanders who is involved in the #TigrayGenocide. @POTUS @SecBlinken @UKUN_NewYork @USAmbUN @wallacemick