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We ask the international community, including the Canadian government to take measurable actions, including:

  1. Force the immediate, unconditional and verifiable withdrawal of Eritrean forces and the Amhara militia out of Tigray without which no humanitarian aid and peace is possible.
  2. Allow humanitarian access throughout Tigray so that the over 5 million people who need food aid can be reached without any blockage.
  3. Stop the indiscriminate shelling and bombing of civilians by imposing “No Fly Zone” all over Tigray for the protection of the civilian populations in rural and urban areas. 
  4. Advocate for the deployment of UN peacekeeping forces in Tigray to stop the massacres, atrocities, rapes, genocide, and humanitarian crisis.
  5.  Reinstate the democratically elected legitimate government of Tigray ad start a dialogue that involves all stakeholders in Ethiopia.
  6. Advocate for the investigation of all human rights violations and war crimes to be conducted by an independent international investigation team.
  7. Enforce the safe passage and return of the 2.2 million internally displaced people (IDP) to their ancestral lands, villages, and towns before the rainy season starts in 2021 with the assistance of the UN.
  8. Once the war is stopped, call for a national dialogue, reconciliation and peaceful resolution.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.