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Dear Tigrean Compatriots,

We hope you and your family are in good health, despite the troubling effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As you are aware, these past two years have been extremely challenging times to the people of Tigrai. This is mainly due to the orchestrated in/actions of the predatory Government of Ethiopia whose survival seems to depend on rummaging Tigrai in its totality. Although largely foiled by the expeditious and united responses of the Tigreans, the calculated in/actions of the Federal Administration to destabilize Tigrai nevertheless remain a major threat. Alarmed by this threat, we Tigreans in the DC Metro Area have come together and initiated a non-political, non-religious global movement called “Security and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia”, aka SJTE. The purpose of SJTE is to defend the interests, wellbeing and aspirations of the people of Tigrai as it is articulated in its mission and goals. To this end, it is an integral part of its mission and goals to bring all Tigreans around the globe together in order to defend our shared aspirations effectively. SJTE believes that the magnitude of our problem is so alarming that it warrants more meticulous and strategic collaboration commensurate to the scale and intensity of the challenges of now and ahead. SJTE is, therefore, reaching out to you and all Tigreans in the perimeter of your network to join this call of paramount importance at this perilous juncture in our history. In the light of this, SJTE is going to hold an international Teleconference on Saturday, May 16, 2020 starting

at: 8:00 AM PST

10:00 AM CST

11:00 AM EST

6:00 PM (Tigrai Time)

Meeting information:

Tel: 848 220 3300 Code: 202 202 202 #

Alternatively, participants can also join the meeting from any part of the world by using the link and code below, and by putting their name and email:

Code: 202202202


May 16 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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